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People and Entities/Articles

Field: Business, consulting and management - Healthcare - Information technology - Law - Defence and security - Science and pharmaceuticals
Country: Zambia

View MoreHabbachi Zayd
Field: Engineering and manufacturing - Teaching and education
Country: Tunisia
No Photo

View MoreAkua
Field: Environment and agriculture
Country: Guyana

View MoreIoannis Stamatopoulos
Field: Property and construction
Country: Greece
Ioannis Stamatopoulos

View Moregeorgi
Field: Business, consulting and management - Environment and agriculture
Country: Bulgaria
No Photo

View MoreEffort Estimation for Software Development
No Photo

View MoreSmart Crafts
No Photo

View MoreOpen Support Grid
No Photo

View MoreDays of Art #1
No Photo

View MoreAgile Methodologies for Software Project Management (Introduction)
No Photo

View MoreMobile - Responsive - Adaptive (the Terms, the User, the SEO)
No Photo

View MoreAnalysis: Project Management for IT
No Photo

View MoreΟμάδες Υψηλών Επιδόσεων (High Performance Teams) στην Υλοποίηση των Έργων
No Photo

View MoreHigh Performance Teams in Project Development
No Photo

View MoreΔιαχείριση Έργου: Διαχείριση των προσδοκιών με σωστές προβλέψεις
No Photo

View MoreΗ επίδραση των social media στο marketing
No Photo

View MoreThe impact of social media in marketing
No Photo

View MoreBYOD - Φέρε τη Δική Σου Συσκευή και απελευθέρωσε την επιχείρησή σου
No Photo

View MoreBYOD - Bring your own device and release your business
No Photo

View MoreProject Management: Manage expectations with proper estimates
No Photo

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