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The impact of social media in marketing

The impact of social media in marketing

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It is commonly accepted now that social media (social media) have invaded for the good in our daily life, both personal, and professional. The social media provides a new step in the strengthening of marketing a powerful tool for promoting customer-centric products and customer satisfaction.

Through the rise of social media, and start several prevailing trends, which is evolving, becoming popular and are key elements for the successful implementation of marketing. But what are these trends? Why are so promising, the observed change in marketing; 
Participation in social media, does not mean simply to maintain an active profile. The content of your profile should be quality, be constantly updated and relevant to the subject of your business. Keeping this pattern ensures a steady traffic which will constantly increase, as in the online space, something good quality, spread very quickly. 
The content of your profile becomes more valuable when it is enriched by photographs or images. A rich text with images, it is more friendly to the human eye. The value of the image in social media is confirmed by the spread of Pinterest, a new tool, network-based communication through images of each user. Studies have shown that material containing images scored almost twice as many visits from one without, and by Google, 37% of users are more likely to visit a link that contains images. 

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Although your profile, just join you, communication is not unidirectional but bidirectional. You should only be interested in your content, how you communicate with people who follow you, and what they say about you. You ought to learn the impact you have on others and to communicate directly with those who have something to say to you, either through a feedback platform, or even through live chat (live chat). 
Social media is not just Facebook. Yes, Facebook is the most popular for the moment, but with time and become distinguished and other media. One of these is the creation of Google, the Google+, a tool that constantly increases its share of the results of the search engine Google. The Google+ provides a unique combination of social networking and optimization of the results of a search engine, which is none other than the very Google. Provides parallel platforms like Google Places and Google maps, which provide a major boost to the social character of yourself. 
Advertising on the internet has spread and consolidation of social media has become the catalyst for this expansion. Social advertising is very popular among users and analysts find out the value, so the budget for them to grow. It is an economical way to approach customers both for the advertised product, and visitors to the content of your page. 
The most dominant of all the trends, however, is the smartphone. The smartphone has oversimplify human communication and interaction. Hence, therefore, it is particularly important that your personal or professional your page can be accessed from mobile devices, that have a "portable version" read only by smartphones and tablets. 
The dominance of social media in business is undeniable. There is room for growth, which is confirmed by the shift of 93% of entrepreneurs in social media, as a means of advertising and promoting their business. Taking advantage of the proliferation and taking advantage of the trends in these, the advantages are many.

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