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SEO evaluation, trust mostly a human

SEO evaluation, trust mostly a human

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Recently I had a new project to evaluate how SEO a web site was. I decided this time to give a better look around for the free SEO online evaluation tools.

SEO evaluation

There are quite a few tools available promising SEO evaluation and I tried some of those.

SEO evaluation tools

I checked various websites and what I noticed is that none of them can give you the full picture.

Most of them are out there just for marketing purposes, aiming to get your e-mail or to say how much “not SEO” is your site in order to sell you some sort of search engine optimization service.

But that doesn’t mean that all have no value. Some of those may give you an idea on what to check, or identify some issues and some of them are used in experts SEO reports, nothing bad in this. It’s a good idea to start with using these tools, especially if you are not familiar with SEO issues, and then perform a deeper analysis on the website you are evaluating based on the finding.

Some of the common faults I have seen in SEO evaluation tools is that some of them check things that do not matter to SEO or give a lot of importance on things that doesn’t matter much.

For example how critical is to have URL’s with keywords? Well most of tools say that is critical but the truth is that it is not under most cases. And while the tools overestimate this, they don’t check if you use session variables in your URL, and this can be important.

Some other check how may tweets and facebook shares your content has. Again, while it’s a good thing to have many tweets and likes, this has nothing to do with the SEO of the website, some decide not to use these services for various reasons.

On the other hand they ALL fail to check important things as the content quality of your site, your structure... and more.

Expert SEO evaluation

So if you want a web site SEO evaluation that will help you on important things, find someone who knows how to do it.

Use the SEO tools to get an idea or as starting point in going deeper, but don’t count only on these SEO tools.

I know,  the first thing its free while the second thing, SEO evaluation from a human expert, may cost you something, but is only the second option that will give some real advice on SEO for you site.

Finally you have spend a lot of money or time for a good site. But what it worth’s if people can find it?

There is no meaning to list here SEO tools. You can search Google for that.

What I will do soon is that, in one of my future blog posts I will attach my SEO evaluation template to help you with your SEO evaluations or to see things you can check.

Also below i have attach a  simplified seo evaluation process model.

Again, if your site is important, find a good SEO technical guy. He/She will be your partner for the long run, to assist you and advice any time you are in doubt. SEO is an ongoing process and those who do this right get really a lot of visitors, sales and whatever is important for them.

Thanks for reading - comments are always welcome :-)

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