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Search engine optimization (SEO) and Drupal CMS

Search engine optimization (SEO) and Drupal CMS

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I have seen a lot of sites based on Drupal not been SEO at all. A lot of people download Drupal without SEO modules and easily have a good site, in terms of content management, that presents their company, services or build their Drupal based blog.

Some think that just by enabling Drupal SEO friendly URLs they have done good work on SEO (actually this alone is doing almost nothing).

There lot of more steps if you want your Drupal site attracts visitors and be really professional.

A web site may look very nice and fancy with a good template, but that doesn’t mean that attention to the details is given. And the details are what it matters.

Drupal community provides a number of Drupal modules that are essential for search engine optimization.

I will list here some of Drupal modules I use for SEO. I assume you know how to find them and install them and you will find how to configure those correctly. If you don’t, then your developer will know.

There are a number of basic things for SEO that should be applied not only on Drupal web site but on any site.

Things like unique and properly written content, use of semantics, clear structure and so on. But here I will list and explain specific SEO modues for Drupal. These modules may have dependencies on other modules in order to work. Once you put them on your Drupal modules directory you will see the dependencies and you will get the rest of modules you need.

So here is my list this period of time... (new things come out all the time).

Drupal SEO Modules


You need this module in order to have different meta tags description, keywords e.t.c. in every page.


With this module Drupal will aquatically create friendly URL alias for every content page you create


This will automatically create a user friendly HTML site map for your site and automatically will update the links once you update your site


If your content is not in English, or to be more accurate, if your dont use Latin characters in your content (e.g. Greek, Cyrillic, Asian, Arabic) this module will create friendly URLs with Latin characters. We need this till all browsers thread properly non Latin characters.


This will create an xml sitemap for your Drupal site. Xml sitemaps is what search engines understand better. By submitting such file, to a search engine, your site will be faster indexed. You can update this sitemap with a cron job or manually once you have new content. Use your robots.txt file to point search engines to this xml site map.

So that’s the main modules you need for a SEO Drupal site. Off course it is important to set them properly.

And also there more needed to drive traffic and fine tune your site and fine tune your site (analytics, social modules and so on).

Soon I will get on to socializing.

Hope you will find this helpful.

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