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High Performance Teams in Project Development

High Performance Teams in Project Development

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he ancient adage says "In unity is strength" and projects we want that power! It is obvious that when people form groups, and are more productive in a shorter time.

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All projects require some importance teamwork. Creating a team is easy, provided that certain minimum criteria. But what happens when the goal is to create a high performance team? 

As a group performance (HPT), defined as a group of people with specific roles and remarkable skills, who is totally committed to the goal they have set, and usually manage to surpass him. To establish such a group, initially set the operating framework. This framework sets out the objectives, predetermines one original thinking and sets the limits of the team, which should be observed throughout life. Two or more people are needed to set up the initial core group. These people have common goals, schedule and usually financial resources to cover operating costs. Basic characteristics of the group, is trust, respect and mutual support. Support means giving attention to the work of your partner, being at all times willing to help him and urging him to open up to the other team members. Respect will say to accept the other's way of working, because each person works mainly thinking otherwise. The triptych provides a positive atmosphere and transparency through open communication between all the members. 
HPT  is increased in concentration up to and ownership. The need for the presence of a leader, not missing, but, unlike other groups, the leader is not necessarily just one. A leader is one who can stand depending on the needs of the project at a time and at any time. The openness and trust among team members ensures the acceptance of each leader by the other person. 
Along with the original framework of the team, and established norms relating to group behavior and decision making. This stage is considered very important and distinguishes the HPT of the other groups, because this is a self-identification of individuals making up the group and establishes the way we interact with each other and solve any disputes arise and emphasis to objectives put. So when the group gradually acquired its final consistency, universal behavior within the group ensures a more productive pace. At HPT , the target set is not only common to the members of the group. It has personal meaning and thus achieve absolute dedication and commitment to him. 

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