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Export JIRA data to SQL, EXCEL

Export JIRA data to SQL, EXCEL

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Exporting all data from JIRA to SQL, EXCEL is not something that is supported out of the box.

The best way to export all JIRA data (projects, issues, users e.t.c.) is to use the JIRA Extension Tool
JIRA extension tool is a third party PHP/MySQL web application that allows you to use JIRA REST services to download all information in local MySQL tables if you do this with any MySQL management tool you can save table data to any format you wish (i.e. csv, excel)
The JIRA extension tool web interface allows includes reports, ability to add extra information on projects, extra information from users and many more.
Also includes scripts to automate the downloading of data periodically.
You can view more and buy JIRA extension toll from

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